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Dissucks - Punx N Pamperz

You fucking people are my problem,
you're all the fucking same.
Useless shit and boring thoughts
just dribbles from your brain.
Living a life of anarchy,
but only in your dreams.
Smash a 40 at the show to fulfill
your punk rock needs.

You want to fuck the system,
you want to smash the state.
You want to kill some pigs,
you want to liberate.
You want some peace, some anarchy
to be real punk and hate.

Take a look inside yourself,
that's the thing you've got to change.
All this social status makes me fucking mad,
cause it's a way of life.. NOT SOME TEENAGE FUCKING FAD.
Wanna play in a punk rock band but your mom won't understand, and you better be home on time or you'll have to face your dad. This he, said she.

And bullshit is all that matters to your flock.
You just care about talking shit,
not about punk rock.
Before you have opinions...
find out what your friends allow.
You wouldn't even know what to think
if they didn't tell you how.

In a year you'll get bored and find a brand new crowd,
so why don't you stop wasting my time..
and fucking get out now.
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